Monday, August 9, 2010

146.8 Totally tired and it's not the end of the week.

I caught myself wondering what next week would be like and oh boy it's only Monday and I felt like it was Friday. I am way tired and ready for summer of freedom from school to be over. The kids are so bored that it's crazy. Now with my mini morphed into large job I would love for them to be on a set schedule so that my house quits being taken apart. Ah well I best be quiet now because in a few months I will be toting a different set of tirades of songs somewhere in the line of, oh I wish we had a little bit more freedom and not so many homework deadlines. HAHA balance it's just not there when you wish for other things to happen.

30 leg lifts 30 sit ups 30 curles with 5 pound weight and walked all over a ton.

Breakfast: Cream cheese smoothie with cherries and flax seeds and a cucumber.
Lunch: Nutella sandwich
Dinner: Eggs and pepper cheese with sauteed spinach sprinkled with lemon pepper and tomatoes,
Hubby said that the spinach was like something at a French gourmet restaurant and dang good he went without the eggs.

Pretty girl had her last horse drill team practise and her poor horse sure hated the flags whipping around his head that all the girls carried. Pretty girl needs to lift weights so her arms can get stronger.
Crashed into bed and I am sure I am going to drag back out for the rest of the week. I am unsure of posts as it's fair week in our county and that always means early early to rise and late late to bed.

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