Tuesday, August 3, 2010

147. Pizza Pic like I promised.

What a family of 9's version of Cauliflower Pizza looks like, here is the original recipe link to this. This is the cauliflower crust base cooked.
If you look real hard to the left you can see that one side is gourmet with spinach and onions that I pre sauteed on only a well not half of the family allotment for the Dad and me.
Finished with orange white mix of shredded cheese because all the mozzarella is in the crust mix.
Yep I would say this was one big hit pizza and the whole pan was gone really fast. This includes the pretty girl eating and that's an accomplishment because she really hates pizza but will eat mine if I make it. She didn't know that it was not a bread crust. The boys as you can see are inhaling it.

The next day I made smaller ones with some of the left over dough into taco pizza with chips crumbled on top and hamburger cooked with salsa and peppers and olives but the boys ate it to fast for a photo shoot.
Did my ABs video for my crystal ball and I can feel the move called the plank in my hips this evening. Did mini job and then went and cut limbs off tree branch that fell in my Mom and Dads yard. The boys have more wood to sale again.


  1. That pizza looks so delicious. What size is the pan? Good job on stabilizing.

  2. You are awesome lovely lady. That pizza is one I have to try. It sounds really really good.

    I HATE planks. Don't cry. It just makes the family laugh at you. :( hee hee.