Thursday, July 22, 2010

146.4 Finally a good scale reading again.

I ran 3.41 miles this morning and I did it in 40 mins and it felt sooooo good. I am not sure if it was because I had to be back and done by 7:30 am or if there was a guy out grading my road coming ever closer to me with that big machine and I wanted to get done. But I pumped my arms harder and it helped to move me faster. Plus I turned my run around so that I was going more down hill then up. Truck saw the Dr. and its finally all totally better, about time I think. I ate ice cream today yikes and lots of green salad with avocados.
The kids are still being willing to get jobs done and the house is still looking nice. I might give the T.V. back tonight??? Na there is to much peace here to give that attention sapper back. I think we will go for a nice long family horse ride well those of the family that are here that is. Pretty girl J got to go back to working with the high school tec crew for the play that they are going to put on this weekend.

Came home from a fun mountain horse ride to find Pretty girl J with a boy watching a movie. The poor Dad just doesn't know how to handle this new addition to her life experiences. He never was that protective over the older brother like this I hope he survives it.

P.S. how do you get your awards and put them on your blog page lacking in tec no how on this one?

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