Wednesday, July 28, 2010

147.4 Somebody needs to kick me.

I just can't get going this week. It's like my running goal was reached and I have lead tied to my legs. Besides it's raining cats and dogs with every gust of wind. We are feeling the end of the summer start to creep in, the kids are hurrying to get every second of sunshine playing done. Sheep walking started this past few mornings. Can you believe it we walk sheep not dogs, sheep. The more they walk and jump jumps the more they muscle and become manageable to show. These ones are very wild and hard to hold onto. We are not even brave enough to get out of the pen with them yet because as the Pretty girl says these are the wildest we have had yet.

My 9 year old and my niece walked with me today on my two mile walk. They asked me to run part of the way to see if they could keep up, they could and it was too hot to keep up the pace.
2 miles walk/running
We had to catch some exotic chickens from my sis in law and take to my sister. It was sad by the time they got there they were over heated being chased and then caught in their tight pin three didn't handle it and passed on. They were even the prettiest of them all and the biggest too. A life lesson make sure they have a bigger box to keep them in and and try to keep them cooler after running around and around.

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