Tuesday, July 13, 2010

148.0 Tue. 147.6 Wed. UP up UP and away NO WAY!

I have had crazy days for two days now and it has got to end because I refuse to get higher on the scales. I spent the whole day both days in town waiting on a truck and it was so boring at least one of the days I got to watch the Eclipse with Pretty girl during part of the long wait. What a crazy show, Pretty girl is all gaga and I am all, so predictable yayaya. The second day I happened to see a sale sign in shoe store for half off of already on sale running shoes from 90 down to 42 wow how can you beat that price find and my sore toe even felt wonderful in them out with the crappy old shoes and in with the light nice and comfy shoe. I even got school shoes for two boys. They think I am so mean because I will not let them wear them till the first day, even got them on the bigger side for surprise growth spurts.

Miles: Tue. 1 walking stretching sore toe softly before and a lot after. Once it warmed up I did pretty good.
Wed. 4.5 miles long walk stretched the whole body really well and burned 492 cal.
Maybe I can run tomorrow.
Breakfast: Tue. Milk with strawberries and some whey protein powder.
Wed. Milk and strawberries flavored protein powder drink.
Lunch: Grilled chicken wrap shoulda had a salad but there were not to many choices.
Salmon on a bed of all sorta greens with peppers and some choco crack homemade.
Dinner: Tue. Probars two one was 400 cal and one was 350. I am trying to catch up with my water now at a late hour I am so so dry.
Wed. Wendy's pecan apple salad it is yummy and snitches of fries and root beer float.
If I can figure out how I will sneak a walk in with my new shoes tonight in the cool of the night. I think I am getting addicted to walking and jogging is that a bad thing?

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