Monday, July 5, 2010

146.0 RUNNING on a TRACK

Wow!!! I take new high school freshman to his first football camp at 6:00 AM and decide to take advantage of the nice paved track. Shall I say smoooooth, no tripping or weed poking or rut jumping. That was a nice FLAT run. I didn't realize how much cross training I was doing until after this flat smooth run today. I never really even got breathless, most likely because there were no sneaky little inclines to attack me. But I must admit I was tired from the rest of the day forward and I think I will blame the heat. We had to rescue a car and take to a repair shop, eat dinner out at a fun log restaurant and finish hay fields and of course go watch some more fireworks. I was able to even sneak a nap in there while the boys did hay.
Miles: 4 jogging 1 walking
Breakfast: half an 8oz cream cheese cube mixed with quinoa and bluberries sweetened with stevia.
Lunch: bison burger with the full bun and coleslaw. I sorta forgot that maybe the bread wasn't a safe thing for me to just lunch on down. One of those habitual eating moments shall we say.
Dinner: Unethical, baby bell cheeses, rice crackers and a chili chocolate bar. And it was almost midnight. I thought we were going to get to barbecue and it didn't work out that way so we had to eat munchies after the fireworks. Thank goodness we had a bottle for the little guy who had also eaten all of his fries and chicken fingers at lunch time. Made him mad though because I kept him drinking another bottle of vanilla pedisure with hidden blended blueberries and spinach and a carbohydrate powder mix from This found at the health food store. I am just trying to get some good carbs mixed with this heavy proteins drink.
Maintenance is going great sure hope I don't need a steak day tomarrow even though one sounds really yummy right now.

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