Friday, July 2, 2010

148.2 Up again going to eat steak today again.

I wanta play blog hop even if my computer doesn't want to, so click her link an join there if you happen to land on mine cause I can't past and copy for some dang reason.

I am just kidding I am not eating steak today. I ate a blueberry smoothie with half of 8oz cream cheese and milk. I stuck ground flax seed and almond butter and of course Stevia to sweeten Yum YUMMY. I am eating a nice Salmon steak with celery and garlic for my lunch and dinner is Chicken with for the first time in a long time rice, 4 different kinds of wild rice with a sour cream, parmesan cheese sauce and carrots. A big green salad with eggs and sunflower seeds plus olives and raspberry vinaigrette.
I don't have lots of motivation this morning because its to dang hot but out to the garden I go. It's going to be a productive day.

Oh ya the up is caused from the Aunt finally coming to visit for the week so now I will be back down in a few days unless the holidays derail me but ya know it's barbecues just as long as I stay away from the breads and sweets. I went for a walk/run in the dark with C boy he made me dizzy with his light bobbing up and down but at least it was cool outside.

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