Monday, July 19, 2010

Family time in the summer

Sunday July 18th 151.4
I feel like catch up all around me. Two derailed days from run training. Sunday my hubby told me I should make it a real day of rest and not run in the cool hours so I wrote to lovely family members instead, I am related to three young men who are out serving the Lord and one who is serving our country and they all need to have a note that says us at the home front remember and care for them.
I did have a Sunday steak day because my hubby found a steak deep in the bottom of the deep freeze and told me and cooked it for me. I think he was hiding it since he is crazy for beef.
Did the scale work welllll not like I would have liked to seen but that's ok.
Monday July 19th 150.4 So thats a first cause the steak day didn't work this time at all wonder why??????????????????????????????????????
I had to go with the hubby at 5 am into work to get that dang truck that keeps taking my time. That dang truck better get itself back in order and stop taking my time up. If you can't guess it's the same truck that caused me two days of town sitting last week so that now I have to do house repairs from wild unattended summer lose boys left alone in the house. If I am going to be in town then lets get foodie finally and a crystal ball video. It focuses on simple ABS just what I need for the weakest part of my body. It's by Leslie Sansone haven't had a sec to try it yet but I'll let ya know if it's worth it.
The truck finally got done and gets to come home from the mechanic Doc. and the hubby got off early. So he has hair brain idea and we all went to the swimming pool to escape the heat of the day. That was a blast he never wants to swim so you know it has got to be really hot. He raced J and C and even dove off the boards with them. Dunked K and Mc and splashed with Z and Jer. I got a mini run in done under the water. After our swim the pretty girl had a horse drill team practise so over to there we went and watched, then early to bed since all were swam out tired.
My food today was to many breads and needs more vegetables but I am not going to stress it will work out in the end. Playing with children was lots more fun.

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  1. It sounds like you've been having a hard time. Especially with that dang truck. I think I would have been screaming and crying.

    You are doing great. I hope that the scale cooperates soon, (or already has) and thank you for commenting so often while I've been busy. You rock.