Friday, July 23, 2010

148.6 Resting Day before the big race.

You should see how nice my sinks and counters look and the shoe crates that each child keeps thier pile in is so nicely lined up without a bit of dust under it. When they finally belived the house was snaped into shape and today they get to play play play. The Mom was supposed to have a resting day. I did sleep in but rest with this crew is a crock. One got to do the last of his wrestling camp, Two managed the feeding chores and changing the field water while I was droping the wrestler off. Lunch at the park then the others went with me to my mini job and then we rushed back to finish the Pretty girls dog kennel job and then showers and eating again in there somewhere. Over the top of the mountain to drop the Pretty Girl to be a runner on the Tec crew and retrive the lost wreslting camp boy who of course whined and said I got my jobs done at 6am can't I just sleep over night at the cousins house. No he has a horse to manage for the parade tomarrow. We celebrate the arrival of the pioneers who settled this state on the 24th of July in a very big state wide fashion with the whole shabang of fun that can be thought up.
I finally arrive back home and amazingly enough they all get to bed early because tommarow is a long long day of fun.
My first ever 5K I am scared, excited, amazed that I got here and ready to fill a tiny dream that I have always had to run in the local Milk run race. Family will be doing it along my side which always makes it funner so here goes nothing wish me luck.
Foodies: cream cheese eggs, cheese sticks a tiny bit of apples oranges and carrot sticks, salmon with sauted celery and cilantro. I went with when I got hunger pagnes when I ate it seemed to work well for me today.

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