Thursday, July 8, 2010

146.6 What a day!!

5:45 I fell back to sleep and the hubby left without shaking me awake again, then Hubby called me 2 times on my cell to get me to wake up at 6:15. I slept right through it. 6:45 The landline rang, freshman football camp boy has carpool boys wondering if he is coming. CRAP they leave him. We hurry so he won't have to run to many laps. I offer to run with him he laughs. Good grief then the old farm truck runs out of gas, I coax it down the hill to the station and make it but he is 22 min. late. I talk to the coach for him and all is cool. Since I am here with nice flat track again I use it.
Miles: 3 on the track

I arrive home to find our mare having a new baby that takes up a few hours and so breakfast is now pushed to lunch.
Lunch: Shrimp with lots of butter and carrot cake from one of my boys birthdays this last week. Then later more carrot cake and a salad, and more carrot cake and again more you get the picture right?
I have to get out of the house so yard work and horse play and laundry uugggh. Hang out at the park back to carrot cake but it has healthy carrots and it's just little squares.
Dinner: Salmon with asparagus in a cream parmesan cheese sauce so yummy and more carrot cake heavens it has got to get gone so I make everyone eat some. Now the one healthy thing is he isn't into frosting so it's more like eating a bread of carrots but the scale is going to be up I am afraid, to much sugar in the mix.
Please kids go to bed so I can get some needed sleep this night I can not keep sleeping through my cell phone and hubby alarms.

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