Saturday, July 10, 2010

149.4 or is it 148.8?? Whatever it is it's for sure a steak day tomarrow.

Steak day again!
I think that the carrot cake and the popcorn and no running has caught me today. I slept in and loved it since it's been the first sleep in for about a week. Getting groceries, repair work and doing laundry is the order for the Saturday.

What a great article this is, I so agree with it. When my boys wrestle the first thing they quit eating is sugar and white rice their coach is all over them about no fried foods or french fries either. This article talks about those same evils in all of our diets for the last few years.

It was a rather productive day, fixed a closet rod that boys keep knocking down and got ready to put a screen door on the front door with the help of my wonderful Dad. While the Hubby kept all the boys out in the field hauling the last of the hay of our side of the farm and then starting the irrigation which is always wet fun.

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