Thursday, July 1, 2010

146.6 It seems to me this is getting to be a familar number.

It was a quiet day of sleeping in. I didn't realize how tired I was until alarms went off at 10 am and I found I was still asleep. The stress is lifting I can feel it. Jer seems to be talking easier and even swallowing easier. In the past when he would drink water he choked, I haven't seen that happen once since the surgery. He is bugging at his ears a bit and so the medicine helps to ease the pain that is there but he isn't really expressing it. I can just tell because he stops pulling when it begins to react.
I have got to get back to running in the morning when it's cool outside. It is really hot now at an early hour. I am not complaining because my garden is growing and I got my first pepper out of it today.
Tried my first bread on onion rings it's not much but I need to start slowly adding it in if I am going to get back to the normal diet. I should have this 146.6 as my set weight since it's the one that keeps showing up after steak days.

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