Wednesday, June 30, 2010

147.8 Hospital Food YUCK.

My yesterday meal choice was a double cheese burger with the bread gone and the tomato in between the patty's. The only other healthy thing to pick form was a bag of raw cashews, cheese sticks and some salad. Not much in the healthy category except a salad and I wasn't in the mood for that. I survived sleeping on a big hospital bed with little guy who had a rough night but we made it through and finally got to leave. That Jer would tell them to get the blood pressure cuff off because it was done and he knew it. The nurses sure got a laugh out of that we had to bribe him to keep his hands off the IV and the o2 sat monitored that where attached to his little feet and hidden inside his socks except for the tubing which he was always trying to pull. Bribery paymentL: A diesel truck that looks real is what he wanted and got when we left the hospital because he left the stuff alone pretty much.

My Hubby just realized that for me to return to a set point then I have to eat a steak. He is thrilled with the idea so of course that's what lunch turned into with a really nice salad at Sizzlers. I did cheat with a tiny ice cream cone ( I haven't had one in forever). It was a long ride home and all kids were thrilled to see the little guy. I will post a pic when it's all healed and looking sweet because right now lets face it Steri strips are just not that pretty.

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