Monday, June 7, 2010

149.8 Down again

There has been a sudden heat wave at our land and it went from cool to hot. Me and heat with my blood pressure does not adjust to well. Add the Aunt visit and I am usually wiped for 3 days or 4. So sorry I am trying to come back to normal. Add a ton of kids and having to drive all over and entertain them, things are just not my normal routine. It has felt like a messy two days of headache whirl wind around me while I slowly bake in the heat. I vaguely remember wishing for that warmth a few days back there when I was always freezing.

Still singing a headache from high pressures. In my world that I create some day the men will get to have this lovely visit and crazy hormone package (really just being sarcastic here). At least the belly finally settled down. There are two others in the house that are doing a bathroom run at least there isn't any fevers with it.

Lunch: Grilled Chicken, cucumbers, apple and wasa.
Dinner: Fish sauteed with asparagus and balsamic vinegar and oranges. I ate my wasa crackers later. I also had extra turkey and a tiny bit of cheese. I hope tomorrow is back to normal.


  1. I hope you feel so so much better. That is a lot to get done. Good job lady. YOu are amazing.

  2. I mix 14.25ml bac water with 5000 iu hcg for me mix- I inject. I read somewhere you can freeze the prefilled syringes but last time I forgot to cover them from light so I didn't use them . I'll let you know in about 6 mo if it works...