Thursday, June 10, 2010


I had hoped it would drop the .4 but alas not today. I have a break from running today because I am driving instead. Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could like have a car that would let you run in place, call it TREADMILL car Ya. I so badly want to either walk or run instead of driving oh well not to be.

Lunch: Hamburger, tomato and a grapefruit, wasa crackers again. Can you tell I am being cheap and do not want to buy more of the allotted crackers or melba toasts. Why do it when I am almost done with having to eat them.
Dinner: Tuna on wasa with mustard mixed in and lettuce leaves. I forgot my apple ate some of the boys fries and ice cream at ten remembered my apple but didn't eat it just crashed into bed.

All went well with the little guy. We get to see the lung Doctor to see if there is new lung tissue growth happening along with the growing shots and years of maturation that have passed.

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  1. WOMAN! you are awesome. I think you are. You are so close. :) You're going to get there very very soon. Keep up the good work!!!