Sunday, June 20, 2010

149.8 GRRRRRRR Seriously

I am trying to remember that the scales is not the only indicator that I am getting in shape and be all right with the number game. I am as bouncy off the drops this time as I was on the drops. With one huge exception I can run miles. It was so easy the first round I did the drops that it is really frustrating to have the scale going up and down this time. I really should be doing a steak day today but its been a really very wild day and I have not had water to cook with (not that you need it for steak but washing hands would be good). and Fathers day treats is havoc.
Brunch: Yogurt, almond, flax seed, milk, peach, shake.
Lunch: Cake and ice cream. The ice cream was supposedly sugar free but it tasted sweeter then the regular ice cream that I got for the kids. I couldn't even eat it so I put it away for another day.
Dinner: Grilled chicken with broccoli and dip.
Miles: 3.5 mile walk with my C boy.

The day started with a nice walk to discovering two boy horses that got out and fought till stuck in wire fencing and at least we found them early enough before the one had the circulation cut off in his leg. Next a cracked pipe leaking a stream of water down the basement. So we shut the water down until we could find plumbing glue and get it fixed. The poor Dad didn't even get breakfast in bed because me and C boy had rudely awaken him to hurry and rescue the dumb horse by" bringing us wire cutters please" what a way to wake up on FATHERS DAY.

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