Saturday, June 19, 2010

Catch up but not the kind u eat.

Thur. 147.2 1 mile very fast on treadmill.
Fri. 149.0 3.5 mile walk fast on treadmill.
Sat. 146.0 4 mile run and 1 mile walk out in our valley.

It's been wild around here. Cub Scout Day camps and 4-H competition and a fundraiser extreme horse ride for a local cop who was killed. I even bailed out of going to pick up my C boy from Leadership scout camp this morning and left it up to his leader. I just cannot get in the truck and drive anymore hours. I will fall asleep at the wheel if I do. I also want to run and not be stuck in terrible eating spots when I am trying to get my weight to become set. I want to keep running miles and eat veg, protein and fruit but keep getting into bread bread and more breads at every turn for lunch. The weight is evidence that I have not been very careful and I have got to get back on track.
I did a steak day yesterday which worked but didn't come clear back to the 144.0 end point when I stoped my drops for this round. Also I am so sunburned from two days out in an arena and cub scout camp and that's taking it's toll on me. I have also only gotten a bit of working out done over the last 3 days. It is defiantly easier to have the school schedule rather then this summer horse competing schedule that I have to deal with.

My sister in law called and said come try on levies that her Dad usually sells on eBay. HOLY SMOKES I fit into a 9 but couldn't yet zip without a struggle. I got to keep 8,7,and 6 out of a big bin of brand new Levi Strauss jeans for the day when I finally get down in size. That was an amazing experience that I never thought would happen to me again in this life time.
I have jeans and my hubby is going to go nuts when he starts seeing me wear them instead of old stretch pants or old maternity pants.

Meal today: Omlet with onions, flax seed ground, cream cheese. I never even had a hunger pain and made myself eat some chicken and an apple.

I wonder what the scale will say in the morning.

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