Friday, June 4, 2010

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Well I still can't get my stuff to past and copy but I am still playing along.

Blog I am watching to get good recipes that are drink form to feed non eater boy. INSPIRE ME GIRL Georgiabe

Sleep was rough last night fire ant bit my knee and it hurt all night arm ached from racking sticks in yard. I have kinebox disese in it (where the blood supply to a bone is cut off and it dies and then the Dr. fused it together so it won't bend like normal, so some muscles in my arm cramp at times and I can't do push ups at all). Took potassium and calcium and magnesium felt quickly better must have peed it and sweated it all off during my run yesterday and needed it replenished.

Love trips hate to get ready for them stressed out trying to get it all packed to leave. .

Lunch: Fish sauted in coconut oil and with asparagus and wasa crackers, grapefruit.
Dinner: Brought and ate my own warmed in the hotels microwave. Chicken with spinach and grissini sticks, and an apple.
Miles: No time today packing and driving and playing.

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