Friday, June 11, 2010

GOAL GOAL GOAL made 144.6 TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:30 AM I awoke to the dang worst gaging feeling ever. The top of my throat hurt like someone was burning it with dry ice. I drank a tiny bit and gaged and gaged. This is going to be a rough day and I had so planed to go 3 miles running. Instead I went back to bed and ignored my throat. I was awakened again at 10 am, good grief what is wrong with the Mom? The J girl was giving all the little boys breakfast in bed. We did go to bed late after the long drive so no one was very up early at all. She knew something was wrong and was being nice to me. The boys were all surprised by her caring way. She would have made me breakfast but she had no idea what I could or could not eat. NOTHING TODAY is how I felt. I made myself drink some tea. Oh punky that's me today. What a week.

I must admit I allowed myself to try on a new dress yesterday only one. One that I can make tighter as I lose more off my waist also it was the only medium, there were no smalls so necessity to altar played in. I tried two tops on and the boys picked the one they liked the best. Both were smalls. They like the business looking style so when I do my photo shoot you will get to see the cuteness of it.

Two more days of staying low cal and then I can start the maintenance menus. (Except I am cheating and already adding tiny bits here and there now.)
Lunch: Turkey burger, lettuce salad, sauted onions, sunflower seeds, 6 olives, Waldon family dressing. Apple. You can see that I added veg's together and one extra of the olives and seeds I just need more, I feel weird without the HCG making my fat stores release fat food for me to burn.
Dinner:Beef burger wrapped in a lettuce wrap. I ate a LARABAR tonight Apple cinnamon so that's my apple count for the day. Wasa crackers all gone. I was not really very hungry and it hurts to swallow any way.

Pouring rain killed my walk and I am going to bed really early cause I just feel yucky and don't like what the treadmill looks like.

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