Saturday, June 5, 2010

146.4 Hope its not undone by tomarrow morn.

So I got up and used the hotels treadmill and bicycle. 4 miles on tread with one of them running miles. Then 2 miles on the bike. Not sure whether there was much hard workout to the bike thing but I felt pretty good.

I ate as close to 500 cal as is possible with tons of yummy around. Spinach salad and lunch meat. Celery, and ah chips and dips and of course a double birthday cake for two cute cousins. How do you resist that little bite. Like I said willpower and I hope it isn't to bad a derail.

Family was shocked some didn't recognize me, cousins wanted to know how much more I had lost since they had seen me just in April. And one sweet Aunt kept telling me how young I looked compared to the last time she had seen me especially with all the children that I had. Let me tell you it made my day especially when you are 43 years old like me.

I only ate the one meal picking through and trying to be careful. I did drink the dieters tea, travel makes me stuck inside and I am not into having one extra day of trouble. Seeing family is one of the greatest rewards that I got today.

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