Sunday, June 27, 2010

146.6 Picky baby eats probars.


One day while watching a show called Good Things Utah I hear about a guy and his bar. Now the way I watch TV is sporadic and usually I am only half with what is being said half way. The only thing I caught was it was good, runners liked it and the creators name was strange with an"Egger something?" I watched to see what the clip was about but the commercials were so long that I got doing something else. Then right when it comes on one of my boys decides it's time to yell and have a fit so I can only catch something about organic. I felt irritated because I knew it was created in my state of Utah.
About a month later standing in the health food store I realize that this is that same guys bar so I get the Coco Pistachio for a fast breakfast since I left really early and hadn't gotten to eat. Talk about yummy that was the best, but the ultimate to me is the fact that after talking my very non eating child who has oral and texture aversion in to not just tasting, he liked it, and kept eating it. SCORE now that's a great bar because he is the kind of kid that will pass up candy when other kids would drowned in the candy.
So now I better let him try some more to see if I can get something that's good into his little body.

Miles 3. 57 run well maybe I better say jog slooooooow, someday I might get faster.
Crazy run for the morning, then church and then family barbecue. I got to hold the most yummy set of 1 month old twins ever and they are my niece and nephew. I ate my own homemade hummus again and salsa with corn chips, a hamburger because hubby didn't bring the steaks. A bit of bean chicken stew, olives, eggs deviled, watermelon, grapes and the most yummy avocado corn salsa ever. I got full fast oh and a bit of choco cake but I really didn't like it that much. If I am off the scale tomorrow I guess there may be no hope for getting a set weight this round for me. And most important on a steaming hot day Lemon Stevia 3 liters of water. I actually drank more it was so hot today.

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  1. YOu are awesome. Just awesome. Four miles and then all that? I'm glad you found a good healthy bar that you appreciate, and that your son appreciates too. That's a miracle right there. That's what it is! Keep going baby! You can do it.