Friday, June 25, 2010

145.4 Gearing for surgery.

I awoke to hubby coming home at the time he should be leaving. When he is on call we never know if he is coming or going. He mumbled something about sleeping and thank goodness Surgeons left for vacation cause he can't handle one more week like this week. I drag out of bed and try to see the scale through my hazy eyes. Back to bed for one more hour and then 6:00 am alarm starts blaring.

50 crunches
50 leg lifts both sides.
I ran a 5.18 miles rather dragged out the first part and energized finally towards the end. Nice soaking hot bath after yelling at C boy that he had better stoke our fire really big since the whole week has been luke warm showers from lazy boys who do not put enough coal and wood in to make the boiler unit heat all the way up.
Foods eaten yesterday and smoothy today. A yummy breakfast smoothy with half an 8oz cream cheese block, almonds, yogurt, berries, sweetened with Stevia and a bit of flax seeds ground . Hubby is neurotic about making sure its preground, he has had to unplug to many throats from quickly swelling and not passing the whole seed.
Homemade dinner last night was, curry with salmon and sauted onions and coconut milk. It was a bit hot and no one wanted to try it so the more for me later on down the road. Into the freezer the extra goes.
Dinner was turkey burger with Havarti cheese, butternut squash, a tiny bit of cream cheese eggs some almonds and hummus on celery.
Maybe now my body is going to settle and make it's set point after all. Dr. Simeon talks about it taking 3 weeks and I am almost to that cut off date.

Jer has a surgery that is being scheduled yet again. Lets see if I get in the car and arrive there this time before they cancel it. I have said it before it's pretty simple an echo cardiogram, clean teeth and then fix two little teeth and make a smile line where his tracheotomy hole is on his neck (it looks like a belly button now) but they usually wig over his history and if they will be able to get him back off a ventilator should it all go haywire in the process. I am feeling braver this time around. But I will be missing my bloggy world come Tue morn. I love reading all about what you all are doing in your worlds.

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  1. Sounds like a stressful time! I hope the surgery goes well, and that you are able to get to your set point. 5.18 miles is incredible lady! I can't seem to get my butt in gear enough to run yet. I'm fighting off sinking deeper from Chickadee getting worse, and it seems all I can do to just hang on and walk.

    I'm so proud of you.