Wednesday, June 2, 2010

147.8 Thats great!!!! Apples are rad.

Well it's been one of those kind of days that you spend forever in town doing the trillion errands that you have saved up because if your me I do not like going to town to much. Spending money that is meager makes me stressed so stay away from town is usually my weapon.
Garden is officially finished expect for sprinklers set up.
House is officially destroyed with summer unattended boys.

My clothing closet is turning into a store front with what will or will not fit nicely (so fun).
I am craving running which seems odd to me. The fat seems sucked out of spots that you just can't seem to get rid off by simple exercise alone. I do like HCG wish I had known that power during my pregnancy's. I am smooth in my tummy area more and more. My rib cage is smooth on the sides and I am almost to hit my 145 goal set area.

So question is it better to run in the morning or evening?
Is it better to eat a bit before or after you run tell me what you have heard.
Grateful for the warm air that is finally in our valley and seems to be staying for good now.

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  1. I do better to run in the morning because I have trouble sleeping even if I'm exhausted. So adrenaline and I do not get along after 5 pm. At least hard core cardio anyway. I watch my BP cycle especially and don't do cardio after noon right now because of where I am.

    I've heard it's better to eat a little before a run. But I get nauseous. So I eat after. I don't even drink anything usually, but that's just me. REALLY. Longer runs than 3 miles though and walking more than an hour SHOULD have something. Even me.

    You're doing fabulous lady. You really are. We need some new pics soon! You don't look anything like that anymore, I'm sure.