Monday, July 12, 2010

The scale says! Up 147.2

See I didn't stay very down. There could be a combonation of reasons though. I didn't get on at my usual time it was much later, my toe is swollen and it's retaining to much water making the scale tip higher, I need that brownie to pass through and it's not doing it very fast or I need to keep running and burning around 400 or more cals to stay on that low number, darn toe. You tell me what you think made me have to climb back up that high (which is really not that bad considering).
My toe needs some of these stretches today so glad I landed on them and the great advise found in this link up.

Miles non just iced the toe and did the stretches carefully.
Breakfast/brunch: chicken sandwich with whole grain low cal buns, and lots of green leafy lettuce and a nice avacado spread mixed with garlic.
Dinner: a huge green salad from the garden with peppers, carrots, spinach, celary and tuna mixed all over the top with a pepper ranch dressing and sunflower seeds. 1 apple and snacks of my dark chocolate crack.
I fought with car batteries all day today. They just would not get charged and had to wait till the hubby came to threaten them into submission.

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