Thursday, July 29, 2010

148.4 ABS video with the Crystal Ball.

I actually got this ball to help the Jer boy get stronger core muscles from not being allowed to use them. They made him hold still for so many months and also when you have BPD there are many more complications that can add up. We have to always watch for this complication. His right lung has a huge cyst partly from TPN that got dumped into his lung on day three of his life along with all the premature complications and vent and pneumonia and and and. I better end.
I like the video it helps now if I can just keep the ball as my own and not have the boys play with it. I keep it hidden most of the time so it will stay inflated. My abs are feeling the lifting and it's nice to have cushion from the hardwood floor.
2 miles with the hubby on a evening walk.

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