Friday, July 16, 2010

149.8 Pretzel destruction, two day in one post.

FRIDAY Carbs like pretzels really are not great for me. They just helped tip my scale up from this whole week of crazy. Summer is starting to get the best of me in lots of ways. The laundry is stacking the dishes are stacking and I really need to have a grocery shopping day. Instead I got my morning run in and then hurried to do Pretty girls job and back to load horses to head to a super good shoer. The barrel horse has to have his nail job done so he can run faster and faster.
Only draw back it takes forever and lots of standing patience to do three horses nails.
Finished up the day by helping move my niece into her traveling trailer so she can head clear across the United States. Dinner was so late it will most likely show again on the scales in a negative manner.
Miles: 4.87 jogging and total cool off walk makes 5. miles yeah I am recovered from toe injury I would say. My shoes are a dream come true I feel like I can move faster not much but a bit faster.
I can't remember breakfast it was too long ago and dinner was a creation of green beans and sausage, with onions and cream cheese sauce that everyone snarfed super fast since Lunch was so skimpy from waiting for horses to be shod.
SATURDAY 148.8 after running the scale droped to 147.4 I wish I could count it as my scale reading. Ran 3.81 miles and walked the rest making 5.33 miles total hot muggy morning. I should do a steak day but I have none left so that's out and the rest of the day is going to be family dutch ovens danger stuff. Breakfast of a big protein drink and then some veg stir fry for lunch.
Dinner: fried chicken in dutch ovens and three kinds of cobblers out of the dutch ovens with spinach, strawberries, apple, salad with the nicest vinaigrette dressing. Tomorrow I think I better run the whole five miles to burn these calories off.
We had a smoking car halfway down the canyon returning from a family reunion. Scary I never seen my kids pile out of a car so fast. In the end all it was was oil burning on the engine and no explanation as to why it happened. The Dad had no answer to the whys of the oil spurting onto the engine. The kids were nervous the whole rest of the way home and wanted to drive in their cousins truck which I didn't blame them.

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