Thursday, December 2, 2010

138.4 HUNGRY grrr.

It was a battle of the hungry today. I was really careful and only ate a few extra almonds and every time that hungry came up I drank some water. I really want to reach my goal this year and not go into the 2011 to reach it. I will be strong I will be strong and clean off my desk, do all the dishes instead of look at the fridge. I will keep busy busy busy so that I am very distracted out of the kitchen today. I am doing all Jer's paper work and vacuming and laundry that will never really ever be done in this house but at least I attempt.
HUNGRY: I think that when there is the claim that you will not be hungry on HHCG its kind of like your brain does an all or nothing message. Yes your going to get a hungry signal at the usual times that you should eat, but your not overly hungry especially if you take a dose of the drops on a consistent schedule and stick to it. If you are having the overwhelming hungry that's when you need to look at the Whys that are making it happen. Like are you bored, or lonely, or even maybe tired and needing some kind of a sugar pick up that you have participated in in the past. What ever it is pay attention to the messages write down what your thinking or feeling and be prepared to use your willpower.
Lunch: Hamburger, tomato, wasa bun and strawberries. HHCG and some extra vitamin D that's fizzy along with the second dose of 10 drops of HHCG under my tongue.
Dinner: Fish with Curry powder and celery with apples chopped into the mix. Nice change. Oh a few to many melbas rounds too.
Started reading Denise Austins book Shrink your Female Fat Zones, so far intesting.

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