Wednesday, December 15, 2010

134.2 C boy in repair from wrestling ouch.

Monday evening I took C boy to see the most cool lady. She works with fears that are manifest in our body. You see C boy is really going to be ok once he believes it and stops holding himself so tightly. He broke his ribs last year and has really been afraid to go all out in his technique on the mat. Everyone can see that the fire is not all there like it has been all of his life when it comes to giving it all out on the mat.

So now that C's shoulder has gotten hurt on the same side as the broken healed ribs he is not so ready to be ok even though nothing is torn or broke.

Fear can be so immobilizing, it can be stored so strongly in the body that some can never get past it and some bury the fear going forward but not living the completeness that they could have had.

Well this cool lady does a combination of EFT and Body Talk. When Jer was in the hospital she would do work for him and let me tell you when she called and told me things that were coming up she was always so right on. After my Pretty girl had an appendicitis she helped the fear to drain out of her and even opened the channels to be heard and have a voice. ( that one is tough now that she is a teen and is more outspoken). My faraway boy would always say how the heck does she always know what I am worrying over and I never even said anything to you about it.
Well this is the first time C boy has even had a need and this time helped him get past his rib and shoulder pain and fear along with helping him to resolve the intestinal plug up that seems to keep happening to him. He was so amazed that she knew that his intestine's struggle to transfer water around resulting in the problem that he seems to face.
He said the whole next day his whole body kept tingling when people came near him and he wrestled pretty much with no fear at practise. The shoulder is a tiny bit tight but quickly resolving the tightness. Thank goodness because he has a big charity pink wrestle that the schools are doing for Breast Cancer tonight.

The end result HE WON a pin in 30 seconds flat even with pink shoelaces on his black clad feet!
Here are a few links about pink awareness and other athletes that are bringing awareness.
Me sticking tight to my 500 cal limits even though the Aunt came visiting and leaving me feeling like a soggy wet noodle with no strength to get up and do anything.
Lunch:Grapefruit, Chicken, Wasa cracker, and celery sticks they tasted so so sweet.
Dinner: Tomato salsa with some onions and cayenne pepper with the fish over the top and a few wasa crackers too.

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