Saturday, December 11, 2010

136.0 Watching wrestling all weekend.

My C boy got hurt, aw dang. Even though he had a really sore shoulder from a pull in a match that the referee didn't stop when the shoulder was in a bad position early in the morning he went on to do another match and pinned the kid but that was the last of the matches for him today. He had scheduled 5 and only did three the last two he took as losses. Better to be healthy and fit then to ruin a shoulder at the beginning of a season the coaches decided. I have a thing called a tense unit that sends pulses into the nerves to help them settle down when an area has been damaged. This machine is from my lovely wrist injury 12 years ago. Yep you guessed it on to the C boys shoulder to help him get better after hours of wearing ice to numb him and keep it from swelling up. We have been alternating ever since between ice and heat and the tense unit hope it helps by Mon.

Lunch: I had hamburger soup in a cup as we drove to go watch the C boy wrestle. Took my orange and soaked up the soup liquid with my melba rounds. Crunched on celery all the way there.
Dinner: Well this was a tricky one. We are supposed to go to a dinner. I had to pick out the beef from the stew, ate the green lettuce salad from a bag. Crashed and burned eating a whole wheat roll, I am sure it is much bigger then a melba toast or wasa cracker allotment. Didn't eat my fruit and snitched a piece of ginger bread cake. Holidays are the worse time of the year to try doing a 500 cal diet regime. BUT I MUST SOMEHOW REACH MY GOAL BY THE END OF THIS YEAR.


  1. Woman. You are awesome. Please remember that.


  2. I'm so glad you posted about this wrestling stuff. My brother is 15 and wanted to do wrestling despite a having bad shoulder. I'm going to show him this post.

    Hamburger soup sounds good. :)