Sunday, December 12, 2010

136.2 APPLE DAY with peaceful Sabbath!

The scale keeps hoovering near this irratating spot so I decided to do an apple day and see what happens. It is amazing to only eat 6 alloted apples which really I only needed 5 and lots of water and just not really have to much of a hungry feeling. As soon as the feeling started to come on near dinner I hurried to take my drops and it left. I am just amazed at how this HHCG works as long as I stay tight to my scheduled eating times and if neccesary spread the eats to cover if its going to be longer in-between then what I planed for my eating time frame.
I was still bugged to see this number today when steping on the scale and would like to get done with this round but it seems that my body likes this 134 or higher place alot.

This evening after eating all my apples and drinking about 3 liters of stevia lemon water it was interesting to see the scale say 136.2 the exact same thing it had said this morning at 6Am. But I know that around noon when I had looked to see what it was it was a bit higher. Watching my metabolism burn the apples is pretty much what I did today.
I took a leisurely mile walk with with Hubby and some of the boys. The boys are picking up pop cans so they can earn their own money to pay for all their own Christmas gifts to each other this year. It was a fun spiritual filled day of peacefulness and that's just what I always like on the Sabbath day.
Yes I did have to bribe two boys with a candy bar reward if they would sit quietly though church and keep their arms folded as much as possible but who cares one candy bar was worth being able to listen without a small fist fight going on below the pew line for the whole congregation to witness. Some times they try to wrestle in Church too, so it was in my opinion a very peaceful Sunday.

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