Thursday, December 16, 2010

133.0 Game Plan.

The scale number went down but I know after today it will go back up no matter how careful I am. I am ready for it with two bats swinging.

Here is my pre-game plan mapped out.

A two and a half mile swift walk with some neighbor girls, can't let them down.
Then two mile run nice and steady back at the house on my treadmill.
Keep moving all day.
Small lowest cal Lunch: Cucumber with salt, fish, and one wasa cracker. Oh I forgot my fruit again.
Dinner: A dangerous work party meal for the Hubby's surgery staff.

I will and did only eat the lettuce salad with a tiny tiny bit of dressing. I ate a lot of the green salad when the need to eat more came upon me because of all the other goodies that were there.
Someone brought jumbo shrimp. I eyed the amount and ate 3 that had to be close to my 100 gram allotment while using HCG.
I went over the 100 grams by eating a tiny bit of prime rib not to much but more then I might should have done.
4 Ritz crackers with a tiny bit of cheese spread.
A warm cup of hot coco, I am freezing today.
4 Dark Chocolate's from Italy and lots and lots of water.

The last meal that did me in (football awards dinner for C boy) during this crazy holiday I didn't have such good choices to be able to pick from. The meat was in gravey sauce so there was no way to pick it out and there were hardly a green salad to pick from it was all jello or potatoes, or lovely whipped cream pudding choices. I sure hope this game plan goes well because I am really learning how to care for the body these days and I want to not have to take another week to get back to the 134 site on the scales.

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  1. Oooo. I hope that it's not too bad. You've been good so long, that usually helps a lot.