Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Time for Evaluations!

If I go by what the scale says I would just climb in a hole and hide for a very long time. I am riding a slippery avalanche and trying to get my footing back.
I stopped the HHCG when all I could do was cheat and get myself in trouble. Way to many Christmas treats started showing up at our house. Christmas to me is wrapped in cheese balls, wheat thins and veggie dips. When loved ones brought huge gifts of some of these things I began to cave. You see I hadn't bought anything in the area of foods that mean Christmas to me, so I wouldn't be tempted. I resisted until the day after Christmas and then fell off the 500 cal. wagon ride.
The Hubby says "hey there is more then what the scale is saying that determines healthy". Look at your stamina and the inches lost along with what the the BMI reading is saying since my last measurement that was done on Oct. 6th. Here is the reading difference.

OCT 6th. 27.4 fat%
Dec. 24th. 26.2 fat%
I have brought it down more that's progress.
I tried Zumba at 5:45 am Christmas Eve Morning and loved it, looking to get me some DVD's so I can do it at home.

He says I must remember that muscle is heavier. I know that I just am wanting the scales to say that lower number that is being so elusive to me these days, so my head is having a hard time letting go of this number goal that I want to see.

Reasons I show and know that I have met my goal outside of the scales reading.
Hubby took me on a walk, I can keep up with him and his speedy walking legs like I have not in just even the near past.
I fit in a size 7 pants that I wore back before the Mc boy came to live in our world. That was 12 years and 9 months ago.
I have really strong muscles in several areas of my body that well frankly they haven't been there since I was a teenager and spent hours dancing or running or hiking and skiing.
The sides of my hips are starting to have that pretty hollowed out dip
I can wear and share some of my pretty girls shirts and skirts not her pants but hey I have been pregnant 10 times she never has, there must be bone movement compensation that we should take into consideration.
My Faraway son was shocked when he saw my face over the computer Skype video Christmas phone call. He thought I was his sister for a minute now that's a compliment she is only 16 years old.
The Hubby wants me to not get on the scales for awhile ( this after his little pep talk about how good I look when I was feeling low about the scale read out) and simply work on each area of my body to sculpt and shape. So for at least the next three weeks that's my new goal to do a work out something for 30 or more min. every single day.
Today 45min of Denise Austins Everybody and my butt and gut is feeling owe 6 hours later.

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  1. That's right! Your quality of living life is a waaay better testament to your success than the scale could ever give. And I happen to think my scale is a bastard, too.