Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What BPD does to Jer, oxygen and weight hand in hand.

This is a vest that shakes Jer softly with vibration to make the fluids and "boogers" as he calls them, come up from the bottom of his chest. It blows up with air and then oscillates at different rates to help the body break up whats in your chest if you have low lung capacity to expel it up out
In order to get him to sit for the 20 minuets we bribe with whatever we can think up. Books usually can get us through for the most part but today you can see there is a sucker and the kids did things like bring him trucks to play with. I usually have to hold on to him to get him to sit still long enough and now that he is bigger he tries to unclasp and get out. When he is really sick and overwhelmed with the coughs or lack of being able to cough it up out he will just lay still mostly out of exhaustion because if you can't get enough oxygen in your body then your not going to get very far. If you look close you can see that the vest is more puffed up with the vibrating air that is doing the shake the yuck loose in his little chest.
Last week he had to have the oxygen on during the day now that he is older he usually only has to sleep with oxygen on at night. When he was 1 and a half years of age we were able to take the constant oxygen off during the day, so to have to be tethered again did not make him happy this week. He willingly let me do a shaker treatment so he could get the halter off his face for the rest of the day. This was the smile he gave me when I said we could take it off if he did a shaker treatment. That's about the happiest I had seen that face all week.

You know oxygen is something you just can not live without. It is amazing all that it does for your body. Here are a few links that enlighten the need for oxygen. The statement that is about oxygen in this first link is rather closer to the end of the video clip but there are so many good things to learn before you get there that please take the time to hear all of the comments that Dr. Oz makes here.

Because of my success of losing my extra weight as of right now I beat the odds of needing oxygen but if you after losing weight didn't stop falling asleep in the middle of the day and slowed your snoring down pay heed to this guys way of fixing things in his life from lack of oxygen here and then maybe just maybe you should get a sleep study test to see whats going on with your breathing system.

There are many factors that we face when we have a kid with issues. What might I face for Jer's possible future when it comes to eating good foods and not succeeding to get him to some days and why I who wants to lose weight , and am always careful of what I eat, yet I turn around and put cream of all things in a bottle with my very cool mystery drink to bump the non eater child's calorie consumption up. Cream can you believe that, straight cream, ugh of course it has to be doctored cause he loves his pedisure the best and that hides the thick non sweet taste of cream. Now don't get me wrong cream has great fats in it to help a little brain grow its just that I wish he would consume enough of the other good fats that a body needs when your growing to keep a little healthy chub going on there somewhere. Enough chub that is so it would help him grow some great lung tissues, making it so he would never have to have oxygen assistance. Well at least for right now in the oxygen area he is back to breathing at a good rate and keeping saturated at least for today and we knocked that nasty cold out of here.
Read the complications of BPD in older children here.


  1. So, is this the same as Cystic Fybrosis?

    Poor Jer. I don't think I would like it either. I hope that he's able to keep up the chub! <3

  2. What a precious cutie. I didn't realize he was going through this, so I'm asking the same question that JBS asked.

    As for YOU, there's something that comes through in your pics that silently speaks of your strong spirit. I can see that about you. Just saying.