Saturday, March 5, 2011

HCG helps, eating and Dr. kudos to me.

I thought that maybe those who are reading my blog would like a few more spots that have good input about how to do the HCG diet. I do not get my product from this site but I really like the layout of how to make an HCG diet work for you. Click the link here to see their take on how they make it work.
I really like to pay attention to this girls success mostly because she is a diabetic and has been successful at making HCG work for her. Click here to go watch her video.
As for me this week I can really see that because I did not do a very good ending to the last round that I tried at Christmas time, well lets just say things are catching up to me. I also have had very crazy sporadic workouts, sick kids, busy at work and going to far away Dr, visits. but it will be ok I will be getting the weight back on track and under the control that I am used too this next week.
I really hate that lovely visitor Aunt Flo and the havoc that comes with her. I notice these days that I am ravaging hungry just before and it seems that I do not get filled up no matter what I eat.
One plus though is that this mystery drink I have been testing is really helping me and Jer be very very regular and for Jer that is a major plus. After seeing a huge panel of Doctors that follow his growth and mental capacity, weight, elimination and eye sight because of being born 3 months early we are getting a, he seems to be right on track, with the adjusted age that they use to do all these developmental measurements. The Hubby wished that he could have seen a lung Dr. that would give us a measurement but nope that was not one of the Doc's on the rotation this time. My favorite Doc is the one who has tons of experience of course because his very own son tested him in many ways and he told me if the only way to get my silly little guy to eat a piece of cheese is with chocolate on it go for it anything when he is this picky is better then nothing. Thank goodness he will take a vitamin these days so going without a few veggies is not hugely detrimental to his development. I told him about my super duper mystery drink that gets veggies into Jer without him realizing it and he said he had heard of it and to keep on using it that it was a great thing for growth of a little body with eating issues. It was salve to hear this Doc tell me that he thought I was doing a super good job with all the tricks that it takes to get Jer to eat even if I have to brush his teeth like crazy because he thinks drinking a powerpacked ( this means mystery drink, cream, yougurt, peanutbutter, spinach, fruit with no lumps that kind of thing) bottle all night is the only meal on certain days. He said believe it or not but kids with issues like Jers can really truly starve themselves if they didn't have Moms like me, yep made me feel pretty dang good after all.


  1. My son was also born premature and had terrible feeding issues. We had him in a feeding clinic for 2 years. I know how hard it is as a mother to feel as though your little one is not getting the nutrition he needs. It sounds like you are doing an incredible job! Kudos to you!

  2. What a relief to hear this good news about Jer. I hope it's done some wonders to relieve the mommy-worries I'm sure you've had. :)

    As for Aunt Flo, can you PLEASE tell her to hurry up and get over here? ...please??? (ugh)

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