Monday, March 28, 2011

POWERFUL Mystery drink, feeding me and Jer. Shakeology.

The mystery drink is Shakeology!!!!!!
It will no longer be a mystery now that I have tested and tried it on lots of my family. I am a very sceptical person when it comes to how something will work for me. Like it took me 3 months before I tried to see if there would be results from doing the HCG diet. Even as I lost a pound a day I had a message running in my head about how it was just not working on me.

My trial tests on Shakeology are first and formost was to see if the little guy would like it and he does. WIN thats how I feel about that because he is so picky that I often get stressed that he will not eat any veggies at all. Besides little brains neeeeed protein to be able to think and learn when its growing, along with some healthy fats believe it or not. Go watch the Doctors videos they are so informative wish I could add what my little guys doctors all said about it also.

Then I tried it on all the family members. We all did the green shake, I am not going to lie not so great and I ended up adding my own powdered chocolate to get it down. After a bit it does grow on you but it is just not the best tasting one.
NOW The Chocolate Shakeology now thats a huge WINNER. ITS the best healthy drink evvvver. Now remember I wasn't a big chocolate lover but this stuff is the cats meow.

Its like drinking a ice cream drink but its healthy. I am so goofy that I even lick the blender clean and use a scraper to get the last little lick off. As I type I am drooling and want another shake this morning even though one is really good enough. I add all sorts of things to increase the protein levels and get a completely good breakfast from it. Some might ask why not just take the blender and put all the good stuff in daily and make it from scratch. After 3 years of doing that with the Little guy I am kind of getting tired of thinking up stuff and would love to just have an easy mix on hand at times and the Shakeology helps in that area, besides he watches and sees one dang veggie go in and he won't drink it. It also is a heck of a lot more healthy then the pediasure that he is drinking to keep his calorie amount up. Along with the fact that a month supply is a whole lot cheaper for the Shakeology then what it takes to buy pediasure for a months supply. It is going to take a bit to slowly wean him out of his expensive pediasure, but at least now I know he is getting good healthy veggies and fruit in disguised modes. And here is one more plus the shakeology tastes good even if it goes in just plain water on a drive up to the doctors making it so that he still gets a full meal in a cup for the day.

My lovely mystery drink is helping me stay un-hungry and keeping my little guy well fed in spinach and fruit and green things stuff he just will not eat unless its hidden and this hides it well. There are videos that came with the drink. Those workout videos are kicken the gut up a ton. I love the nice steady workout that is well rounded that comes with the first time you order the package special deal. Just 30 min of moving with lots of variations. It is helping me tone up.

Most important to me right now is that I am doing the shakeology workout videos and starting to feel the tight abs that I want to have after being a fatty girl. Its something I didn't think would be a part of my life ever again. Now I know I have Willpower and POWERNSHAKOLOGY to get me there.

To all HCG people you can drink this stuff after your first week off of HCG during P3. I know I have tried it to see the results of how it works and you stay pretty steady with it as one of your meals. My Mom and sisters have used it also along with my Dad who uses it as his breakfast on the diesel truck that he drives. He already lost 5 pounds most likely because now his body is getting a healthy meal. C boy drinks it before his wrestling matches and soccer games. Jer the little guy drinks it at night in a bottle and the Hubby is getting his cholesterol level with it as his early on the go meal in the morning ( you know these busy health providers need to learn to provide for their own health first). 

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