Thursday, April 7, 2011

Water!!!!!!! and KIDS their take on it.

Now that it has been a year and I can't possibly live without my liquid fuel for the day and I even crave more then what I used to consume. Plus I like chocolate or grape or lemon or hazelnut Stevia in my water some times. We have a crazy occurance at our house, here are a few angles to view.

Kids responses to me when I say drink water!

C boy ugh a I know I know I need a water bottle but you are never given time to go pee in school!

Pretty girl Jo, "Water isn't the cure all to all things, now you have my boyfriend telling me all the time that I need to drink more water!" "A drink of anything is better then nothing so buy some pop once in awhile!"

Mom Response NO!!!!!! POP!!!!!!

Mc, "WHATEVER it is not the fix everything MOM!"

K boy, ok mom I will. "Mom this morning (at 6:00am) I drank two big cups of water and now my tummy hurts."
Me, "well its just your body getting woke up inside in a new way because it got cold all of a sudden and you never drink until after getting to school", ( he wont eat breakfast here he wants to eat at the school.) I don't think he realizes that this makes your metabolize get into gear for the day when you start feeding and gasing it with water.

Z boy, "wahhh I don't want a drink", then quick change of tune before going out the door or at times returning to get a drink and missing the bus, even on days when I told him he should get a drink first thing in the morning. I have to remind him that he needs to drink whatever it is that he is going to drink before 8:00 pm or the Mom and the bed pay a price and I already have enough laundry daily to add to the load.

Jer the little guy, asleep at 6am "Mom I need a drink from my bottle", or get me some green stuff. When he is fully awake brushing teeth he wants to suck the water out of the brush instead of drinking from a cup.

The Hubby, he thinks liquids that are diet like Dr. Pepper is a good enough substance and he would float if he tried to drink the amount that I can now drink. He can't keep a balance here at all and I win in that area.

The crazy part they are fighting over my morning SHAKEOLOGY all the time now. I guess I am going to have to share some with more then just little guy. 'The fave at our house is peanut butter and strawberry with the chocolate shakeology.
Have a super great day, gotta work my abs now. 

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