Friday, April 15, 2011

Sugar Toxic? you decide.

I often talk about my Little Guy who will eat anything that has sugar in it with the form of candy and for sure chocolate but will not touch a fresh peach or a beet or even a casserole. One of his many issues is oral aversions and texture issues that we work with daily. Let me tell you there are bribes, and conditions, and kids that are not allowed to say they do not like something here at this house all in the name of getting Jer to eat. Thats why there is an ad up there about hating veggies. We can get him to drink veggies in that amazing shake called Shakeology these days.
I also talk about the fact that when he was in the NICU just before sticking an IV or shot or sometimes even just when he was upset they gave him a taste of glucose on his tongue. Back there are two red spots that can send you to links about this practice.

Why?  Well it was supposed to act in the exact same way as Morphine would, making it so that the procedure was not has hard to handle and not create an addiction to a drug like Morphine. Today thanks to an update from the Lighter Side of Low Carb via my facebook I got a very interesting update that is lengthy but really an eye opener to how affected we can get from sugar. Maybe you should take a look and draw your own conclusions to this article.
Is Sugar Toxic click to read or watch the video its all very enlightening.

After this I get even more bugged about the amount of corn syrup and maltodextrose (ie. the one that comes from corn) in his pedisure yep gotta get him to eat real food even more now. 


  1. You are such a good mom and researcher!

    good to see you!

  2. I'm trying to cut back on the kids' sugar they're eating. I started buying the expensive Polaner jelly opposed to the Welches because a certain Polaner varity only has the natural sugars from the grapes in it. I'm totally over the sticker shock of it now. And I think it's about time I started lurking for the next thing to switch out in their diet.