Friday, April 29, 2011


I don't feel good!

My charity run 10k up in smoke!

Only one draw back to having lost all my fat.
FREEZING when its cold and never being warm enough even when its balmy, which its not its snowing again.

Hubby is on an errand for Knorr broth in a package, yes for me.
Pizza for everyone else, the sound of that makes me double over and hold my tummy,

I should have known that I was not on top of the game the day before when I could not stop sneezing, the virus would just be getting started good. Thank goodness pretty girl can drive since the bus came and left them all this morn.

Jer woke up mad that I hadn't taken him to school, but that throne kept me hostage and we are not talking about the one with the marriage that was going on over there in the England.


  1. Feel better doll! I'm so sorry. I think you should have something in your mailbox soon though...I hope that little thing helps.

    Thinking of you...

  2. Oh no!!! Not the throne. Poor Mrs Will Power. Hope you get better soon.