Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BMI being Smart, Diets and Kids, take your pick.

Did you know that you might get dumber as you get heavier yikes. What is your BMI go figure it there and see at Dr. Amens site click here.

BMI is so important that they even did that study to see what affect it has on your brain. WOW believe me I am working to get mine down even more. If you want to go right to the study that Dr. Amens linked to click here. Mine is low but it really could be lower. I wonder how low it was when I was a teen. I do recall it back 4 years ago being at 39%. My Pretty girl's is 17% and she can eat like a horse. I right now have a 24.1% but back in Oct it was 22.8% and believe me I pay attention every day to the consumption in this body. A very good BMI for me at my age and height is 20-27%.

Below this study is a link here about kids and their calorie consumption and the affects it has later in life. Some days I can just feel really defeated over this when it comes to my little guy Jer. He has the hardest time consuming things like veggies or fruit. We can get small amounts of protein like steak and chicken and breaded fish in him once in a while but wow its a constant battle when you look at the calorie consumption of my other 6 kids. Now that I have Shakeology that he just loves I feel less defeated.

HEY would you want to try my shake cause let me just tell you its AMAZING compared to all the other protein carb mixes out there on the market.

Just click up there and it will link you to that cool site that makes it so you can get some too.

Did you ever wonder how a food breaks down in the gut and what it does to get you fed from that gut? Take a look at this spot here what a really good break down of why we need to avoid certain foods for certain reasons.
Or what about what might really be a starch in a food that you hadn't thought about look at a list here
How about the science as to why a gut can get sick here.
All this info has me really thinkin about how and why HCG worked for me and what the gut does in breaking down our foods.
What do you think?

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