Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer is full force.

You know how all of a sudden your life does not seem like your own when you have chillins. Well add that to the fact that I have job riding a bus with a whole lot more chillins and then I really start to feel like the chillins all have life sucking motives.

Well now that all the get done with the end of school programs and settling into lazy summer mornings and whip cracking get your job done afternoons I think I might have a handle on the summer. Ha who's kidding who! But at least I will keep trying.

Next post will be filled with the most wonderful dream come true green house. Who's dream, mine or the Hubbies, is a real toss up. Two days ago we had to turn our house heaters on it has been so cool thus the dream come true if we are ever going to slash the grocery bill for the summer.

Nightmare: our lower bottom of our farm is flooding from the spring run off that has not even hit peak yet. Its only done this two other times but this time its being a doosy since the river is cutting the banks where 100 year old trees have stood. A whole field of hay has been wiped out.

Thrilled: Far away mission boy will be home the first part of Aug. Has it really almost been two years wow how the time has flown. Most likely he will go far away again to school but at least we can call him and not have it cost us a fortune and we get to see him for a little while.

Computer mess: Technology is really cool but it sure can stress you when your dependent on its every feature. Our computer caught a virus and so all are hesitant to go into things. It has been fixed by experts. Its also overwhelmed since two of the chillens are doing extra school online to jump ahead.

 Eating and Exercise: I have to pump it in to gear and start clocking the run miles since the far away boy has placed a challenge and has been running even with crappy old shoes and he says he wants me to do a 5K with him. Hard thing is the K boy always wants to go with me and he is not of long legs so we can't go to far before he gets sore and tired.
Eating is Divine: I love that Shakeology and I am sitting right on 140.0 again no matter what I do I can not go down on the scale and it also doesn't matter what I eat I pretty much bounce up and then go right back to that scale spot. But the gut is really getting tight and the skin is getting firm cause the muscle is stronger and stronger. AND THATS soooo nice. Have a great summer mine is feeling full full full, a photo gallery to come soon.

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