Saturday, June 25, 2011

Diabetes, Obiesity, lack of growth hormons and hypothulmus

You know that part where you read in Dr. Simeon's protocol about reorganizing the hypothalamus? At the time that I read this I had just started giving my little guy shots to trip his growth within his brain because the hormone was lacking.

Endocrinologists are so cool.

Lets add the fact that why I had gained during the last few years was in part because Little Guy had lived in a hospital for 7 months with me camping in a trailer in the parking lot away from my other 6 children and the hubby, two hours away to be exact. He had to be born 3 months early.
Lets add that I almost died, my hormones were screwed up, my kidneys had tried to shut down, the liver was whacked, so delivery was necessary and then me eating and eating, not what I would have cooked and ya trying to salve the stress somehow through the chocolates and sweets that release endorphins sending it to the brain to help calm the turmoil going on.

Then lets add Dr. statements like well if Jer lives he will go to school with a trach and a vent for the rest of his life, But there are no nurses who are willing to come relieve you ( we live very rurally located) so that you can sleep through the night as he needs 24 hours watch to keep the trachea from clogging. Uh if you don't sleep its hard to lose weight and usually you gain.

Well you get the craziness that would come from that kind of life. STRESSSSSSSSSS!

Talk about a Mom really feeling like she was up against a wall.

Then lets add the looming factor that diabetes is huge I mean huge in my household. We already have another member who is a  maintainer and not on shots but someday it could happen. What about my other kids, will the way I feed them make them be even more susceptible to the genetic factors that are in their systems?

A diet of corn syrup, or high sugar containing food with no fibers and veggies the kind that school lunches are seemingly turning to more and more or the fast food that kids take as a that's how we eat now attitude. Celery what the heck is that? Just give me a biggy sized burger without the tomatoes or the lettuce out and make sure there is ketchup loaded with corn syrup too.

My kids think I am mean because we rarely buy pop only for camping. The veggies drawer is full all the time now. And I say if your hungry eat an apple or an egg that's boiled. Eating out is only if we are not at home or near home because we did not plan well and often times I pack lunches to go when we are not going to be near home.

Now you know why I want to keep the weight off and the foods healthy at all times along with the activity levels really high, its a matter of helping  me feel good and staying in shape now.
Why study nutrition and the hows whys and whens are so important to me, cause I always have to figure out how to get the little guy to eat a veggie without knowing that he actually ate asparagus in disguised or strawberries blended in a smoothie that's secretive.

I question everything and make sure to test out all things with scepticism and want to know why and how it works on a cause affect level not just because you or the Doctor's says so.
Well the good news is the Jer little guy is finally hitting the chart, barley but he is making it. And me I am still maintaining a healthy set weight. Right  at 140 lb still would love to maybe go down but it just does not seem to work that way for me. Besides when you stick in all the small jeans in your closet you gotta be happy and that's me. I hope your all having  am amazing summer my garden is getting  yummy green.

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  1. He sure are doing well here!

    Our garden is getting tall, and I'm happy that you are doing well too. I'm sure that your Far Away Boy is coming home soon, and that you are all EXCITED!!!