Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Whee time flies!!!

I am back!
Fiddling away a blog moment is tricky! Our computers crashed dead it takes time to get them back to.
I have so much going on I feel like I am drowning some days!
I gained, not lots, but more then I want to. Mostly because I can't ever carve time to get on treadmill these days. And its stressful in my job at the moment. I work with a severly handicaped girl and it makes me tired at times. I miss several bloggers gotta read and catch up somehow.

HCG does work but you have to have to have to keep working out with a walk, run, Insanity, P90x once you hit your goal spot! I maintained for well over a year and a half so I know this for sure.

I love Shakeologys new strawberries meal replacement  drink! Now if I could get a  min of P90x.

I now love doTerra oils. Check them out, more of my posts will talk about them.

Life is good, busy and moving fast but thats better then siting and molding old right.

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  1. She's BACK! And I've seriously missed you. xoxo