Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Clean your teeth Naturally :) make it shine.

Can I tell you about this cool new fluoride-free toothpaste. This amazing product comes with the protective benefits of doTERRA’s blend of  On Guard Essential Oil. The toothpaste fights against germs and pathogens and reduces plaque. The toothpaste even provides amazing teeth whitening characteristics with cinnamon-mint flavor polishing. doTERRA’s new toothpaste leaves your breath clean and fresh with xylitol.
I am excited to share doTERRA’s Natural Whitening On Guard Toothpaste!
My Kids love On Guards seasonal protective results against germs and the winter colds.
They have used it on canker sores in their mouths and it has gotten rid of it in two days or less. They just put it right on the spot and let it sit. Whalaa it's gone.
I like how when I went for my dental cleaning there was very little plaque so that horrible scraping didn't have to happen as it has in the past.
Now the product is offered in an easy to use toothpaste so you never miss an application of On Guard which was proven to stop the h1n1 virus.
 Learn more about On Guard and what its health benefits are by clicking here.
  Click here to see 52 top ways it can be used also.

Amazing Benefits
  • Provides natural germ protection with On Guard protective blend of essential oils
  • Whitens teeth naturally with polishing agents by removing stains and discoloration
  • It supports healthy gums and strong teeth
Get some for yourself  by visiting my website  http://www.mydoterra.com/brookejones/ you won't be sorry its amazing. I have even taken just the oil itself and dropped it in the mop water for the wrestling room before they moped because I didn't want my boys to catch all the other kids yucky flu bugs that were growing in the wrestle mats. It's well worth its weight in Gold to keep you out of the Doc office.

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