Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Geting rid of Pests - the Terror of Horrible smells!!

I am really affected by smells and those ones that come in a bottle of Raid to get rid of bugs is no different. The one that has to be used to keep the mosquitoes at bay is the worst. Some days I just go ahead an endure the bites because the smell is so yucky from the off or repellents that we have to use. Well that’s not the case anymore. TERRASHIELD Essential oil from doTERRA works to keep them away and calms the bites if they got me before the spray was placed on my skin. It smells like vanilla  sweet like that and it is pleasant to my airway. Look on that cool pest control list down there for other things that it can do to rid bugs of from my area. Cool is the result I am thinking.
Yep Hurry Junes almost gone and its a sweet deal. Not only that but it works and is safe on kids faces and arms and won't make them
sick from the smell. http://www.mydoterra.com/brookejones/ click back there to get some of your own and use it like this. 8 to 16 oz spray bottle filled with water add 20 or so drops in the spray bottle. Shake before spraying and it lasts about 6 hours to keep them pesky biters away.

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  1. Welp, I've got my oil now and picked up a couple of small spray bottles. I've been slow about mixing it up, but will do it tomorrow for sure before the kids head outside. We're ready to do bug-bites battle!!