Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lavender ( Baby Powder Recipe)

Can you believe it, this lavender oil will cut a burn, make a bug bite manageable, work better then neosporin. We all 9 of us have put it right to the test at our house.
 When there are lots of boys in a house there is going to be a
cut or two or four. Burns not as often but they happen especially when its summer and no shirt is the order of the day. I just add it to a spray bottle of water so it spreads farther and spray on the burn or before going tanning to get a burn. We have used this for years at our house in diaper rash ointments, baby cornstarch mix to replace baby powder (someone at our house is allergic to talc) so this works better. But now I am the one who is mixing the mix for baby powder gifts and adding my own Lavender from doTERRA (read info on this oil back on this link). Yep go here to get your own lovely smelling baby making ingredient.
Natural Baby Powder Recipe
* 1/2 cup arrowroot powder (cornstarch can promote candida so I don't use it anymore.)
* 8 drops of organic lavender oil ( if you purchase a 5 ml bottle it will contain approx 100 drops )
* Optional : White Clay  I get mine from Redmond Clay , sometimes called Kaolin Clay or White Cosmetic Clay
* A Container  I used an old container that had powdered makeup to shake out of the holes but you could use (a wide mouth jar with a powder puff for dabbing the powder onto your baby’s bottom)
Have fun creating and smelling nice
My boys have used Melaluca (read info on this oil back on this link) in the powder mix to put in their shoes or on that area that can chafe when the legs rub together. Just another oil that can help when it comes to powders.

My good friends father who has had both legs cut off and uses this lavender oil applying it to the stumps to heal the sores that come because of his prostheses. After 34 years of painful sores he is free from this frustration because of the Lavender oil. He wipes the insides of the plastic sleeves with Melaluca to keep the bacteria from breeding there when he wears his legs.

Essential oils are amazing go ahead give them a try its worth the smell and staying away from toxins.

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