Wednesday, March 17, 2010

167.8 Wii BMI 28.64 166.6 New Scale

Back to the 166 YEAH! I knew it would reappear. I have some thoughts about how Willpower is so important. You must want to be smaller so bad that the one tempting M&M is not worth the climb on the scale, or the Key Lime pie that you haven't had in three years. SKINNY has to be the most IMPORTANT to make you get there. Sugar is so much like a drug addiction a bit more controllable maybe for some then others, but isn't that how a drug is too. Well all I know is that it is really fun to be able to see my waist getting smaller and the love handles on my rib cage in the back disappearing. Also on a walk last night with the speedy hubby I was able to keep up and not even get breathless. Now that's a feat that hasn't been for years and years.

To make sure it is clear here I am using HHCG to help my fat be released from my storage areas and help me to lose weight. I eat proteins and minimal carb vegetables and two grissine or melba toasts and one fruit off the list. To equal 500 cal for two meals for my personal round time of 40 days on HHCG and three days off. This is so that I can make my body do a certain set point of weight that will stay there until I do another round or am happy with where my weight is. No sugar or starches allowed until after phase 3 is done. Read on pounds and inches the differences in the rounds.

Lunch will be lean beef(90% 3.5oz 6cal)with onion saute in French Vanilla Stevia (77cal) and wasa cracker(60cal)bun. Grapefruit half with Powdered Stevia on top(64cal). Total cal(231) today's meal. Wishing I could have some spinach but onions are high enough calorie all alone.

Dinner Flounder(90cal) Orange(62cal) Spinach (1cup 7cal)Melba toasts(4= 78cal). That's a total of 468 for the day. Brought to you from my Fitday calorie count.

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