Monday, March 29, 2010

Last DAY, Last DOSE of a P2 40 day round tonight. 161.4 LBS

So maybe my body is going to settle at this weight for a bit here. Three more days at 500cal and then keeping all the starches out for three weeks so that they will not interfere with how my body adjusts as I add more and more different vegetables back to my diet. I grew up eating potatoes, corn and peas for the main stay of every diet. These are very starchy vegetables and high in sugars when they break down in your body. I was a bit surprised upon learning this so it will be an adjustment to not eat them as much. I have to practise asking for more vegetable servings instead of a side of potato at restaurants and that will include not eating any breads or rice or cashew nuts for the next three weeks. Dang those are some of my comfort foods.

Lunch curried fish with powdered stevia on it and sliced tomatoes, 2 grissini sticks and half a grapefruit.

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