Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wii 168.9 BMI 28.83 New Scale 167.6

AAAAAAh I know it's not much, and really how can anyone that has lost 17.7 pounds in three weeks be bugged about adding a bit on for a day and knowing it will be off by tomorrow again. BUT I AM BUGGED. My hubby says "hey your looking so much better it's ok," and took time to show me how to use his weight set to tone the muscles a little at a time. My partner said I know I had the same kind of day the other day and her hubby gave her a pep talk to. Today we were both hungry again. I stuck tight to the diet and did a bit of Tae Bo with the basic warm up and the three sets of toning with the bar from the weight bench. I also took a nice soaking detox bath and feel better. Maybe because its so cold outside I am burning calories to keep warm and its making me hungrier.
Well lunch was my shrimp with tomatoes that I had saved from the day before on ice and melba toasts with a grapefruit half.
Dinner venison onion soup with melba toast and orange. I know that venison is not one of the listed meats but I have come to learn it is a very lean meat and since its right out of our back yards it most likely hasn't gotten any fat to the meat either so I think I will be almost better off with it then buying beef from the stores around here.
Heres to lost weight in the morning.

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