Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8, 2010 168.4 Wii BMI 28.76, 168.0 New scales

So finally a move on down and still mad at the Wii for saying obese, but hey I am still doing more then others do. So I love that its moving down but because of where I store the fats on my hips I can not get my smaller pants on yet, but soon soon I will.
Lunch Cabbage sirloin soup with Orange and put some of the juice in to spice it up and grissini sticks. Nice and warm tummy liquid. I went for a walk in the sprinkle rain and breathed in fresh air.

I am human, I got caught without my dinner plan in hand and had to take my kids to a reading party night and thus got caught because they served pizza. I held out from 5 till 7 p.m. until I could see that I was not getting home to get my usual 5:30 meal and I failed myself. The pizza won out of my need for some kind of food. There was salad but it wasn't holding me at all. Well needless to say I will pay most likely in the morning. I am drinking the Dieters tea and walked on the treadmill making sure I burned at least 200 calories and hopefully I won't have to pay to badly for being so unprepared. Wouldn't it be nice if our bodies didn't need any sustance when we are caught in the wrong time frame.

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