Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 4, 2010 170.9 Wii BMI 29.09 170.8 new scales

So strange now both my scales are reading almost the exact same Maybe my Wii is really really pushed around to much. My new scale hasn't been moved since the day I first used it. I think that's the most correct to. So this weight is what I sat at after delivering my last baby and held for about a year and a half based on what my records say on the Wii plus having my hospital leaving weight kept in my mind too. I wonder what will happen will I stall out here or sail through.
Lunch Shrimp 2 small tomatoes, orange and grissini. 284 total calories
Dinner Hamburger taco wrapped in lettuce and apple, grissini, that makes a total of 555 calories for the day. HMMMM I really need to watch a bit closer and remember that hamburger and shrimp are not to be eaten together.

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